Perrie performing in Birmingham for the Salute Tour.

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Feb. 26th, ‘13

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5 Seconds of Summer performing on Sunrise on May 15th, 2014

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have you ever read something that killed you inside? like a text message or someone’s status. everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you didn’t want to read. or you found out something you were better off not knowing. it’s almost as if it was posted just to purposely hurt you. but you constantly read it over and over again to torture yourself. 

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New Unseen for Shwarzkopf photoshoot.

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Oops been gone 5 months and none of you probably even noticed 

When I’m dating someone, if she bonds with my cats I’ll give her a chance maybe more than I would otherwise. But if she doesn’t like my cats it’s kind of a deal breaker.”

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2010 - 2013
Every single song Harry tweeted a lyric to. {listen}
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